Who lives forever?

Who lives forever? Those who do the will of God, according to I John 2:17. Hmmm. “Do.” Not guess at, hope at, try to find out, but do. But what is that, the will of God? Ephesians 2:10 says there is work prepared in advance for us to do. That’s God’s agenda, itinerary, his “to do” list for us.

If you’re hired to do a job, you don’t go out and do your own thing. If you’re hired to be a painter, you paint. If you’re hired to be a plumber, you plumb. If you’re hired to be a typist, you type.

Suppose we worked at secular jobs the way we sometimes work God’s work? “Today I’ll plumb. I know I was hired to be a painter but today I think I’ll plumb.” Or, “Today I’ll paint. I know I was hired to type, but today I think I’ll paint.” How long until you’re fired?

The first part of Eph. 2:10 says that we are God’s workmanship, created in Christ Jesus to do good works. When God needed a painter, he created one and gave him the job of painting. When God needed a plumber, he created one and gave him the job of plumbing. When he needed a typist… you get the point. He has quite a long list of jobs that need doing on this planet, and he created the workers to do those jobs.

Sometimes people say they are trying to “find themselves.” They mean they are trying to find out who/what they are and what they are supposed to be doing. We may make fun of them, but that’s not a bad idea, really.

4 thoughts on “Who lives forever?

  1. Hi Bette, I’d have a tendency to think it would be finding out God’s will for us, individually, rather than finding one’s self, but even that, finding one’s self, is in itself, part of finding out God’s will for us, because somewhere along the line one needs to comprehend that our source is God and not ourselves.- Bruce❤️

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  2. Good post Bette, thank you. I don’t mind admitting that for a long time I have been trying to do my own thing, it is only in the last year I have been obedient to do what God wanted of me – that is to write for Him. God bless you sister.

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