Praise confuses the enemy

I went to a fundraising concert to benefit the House of Hope ministry last night where several people and groups performed a variety of music.  The S&E Concert Choir were one of those, led by founder Ronnie Cain.  One of their songs was “Praise confuses the enemy,” and it was really great.  And so true!

It does things for the one praising, too, like lifting their spirits, alleviating depression, ushering in the presence and power of God, even “healing what ails you.”

Praise brought down the walls of Jericho, at that time a city stronghold of God’s enemies.  I don’t know what it did at first for the crowd marching around that city, probably muttering “This is nuts,” as they went.  But I am sure whatever they thought of the idea to begin with, when they saw those walls come down, surely their faith in God grew enormously! (Josh. 6)

When their enemies came against Jehoshaphat’s (King of Judah) people, God said to send the choir out in front of the army.  When they  began to sing “Praise the Lord, for his mercy endures forever,” the tribes that had joined together against God’s people killed each other!  (II Chron. 20).

Even when I don’t feel like it, I’ve learned through the years that it’s always a good time to praise the Lord.

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