Have you noticed how many vampire movies and television series there are in recent years? How many books? How many internet sites? Fan clubs?

There’s always been a fascination with the supernatural or unnatural, but it seems to have expanded, deepened and widened, with the coming of the digital age.

I have now watched Twilight (the first movie) twice, read all the Twilight books once and have re-started reading them. I also bought and have now watched the first season DVD’s of the Canadian television series “Blood Ties.” Two more TV series about vampires will be starting up in the fall, plus movie #2 of the Twilight saga.

I understand this fascination very, very well. I’ve loved science fiction and science fantasy since I learned to read.

There is an unseen spiritual dimension all around us, and a battle of good versus evil goes on in that dimension just as it does in the seen one. One day, perhaps sooner than we realize, there may be an unveiling of our normal vision and we will clearly see, however unwillingly, what is happening there.

In coming days, will we see actual vampires? Or werewolves? I don’t know. But supernatural and unnatural creatures certainly do exist, demonic beings who don’t like human beings. I’ve had brushes with creatures from that dimension in the past. I still feel the chill when I remember…

Occasionally people get a glimpse of their handiwork, the results of it anyway. Occasionally we feel or sense something “not quite right” in a place, or in the face of an individual and we wonder what the problem is. The problem in a nutshell is – the evil ones are killers, liars and murderers, and they don’t like human beings.

One thing I’m doing is keeping my spiritual eyes and ears open more and more these days, watching and listening to the voice of the Holy Spirit.

The times are changing. It would be wise for believers to discern the times.


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