In Christ Alone

Jesus’ trial, crucifixion, suffering… all took a very short time compared to eternity. Many men and women have undergone that much and more physical torture for their faith, their race, their allegiances.

Jesus’ payment for everyone’s crimes against God, everyone who has ever lived or ever will live, was not limited to physical pain and humiliation. The separation from his very immortal existence, his identity as creator of the universe, his being God – that spiritual punishment was required.

He created us. He loves us as a father loves his newborn baby, with ferocity. To rescue us from an eternity of separation and torment, he was willing to forsake and be forsaken by his own father and undergo that separation and torment himself.

No human being can begin to imagine the agony in that cry, “My God, my God, why have you forsaken me!”

For me. And for you. That is why.