At the point of His spear

(First posted in October 2009; even more pertinent today)

I was reading an article in my church newsletter a few weeks ago. When I came to the bottom and read “In His Hands,” I thought back to a friend who used to sign her notes and emails “In His Grip.”

Suddenly the Lord spoke clearly to me and said, “At the point of His spear.”

I realized – that’s what we are, and that’s what prayer is. The point of God’s spear to overcome the power of the enemy, no matter what form it takes. And whether the prayer is in the mouth of us adults or in the mouth of children, it’s God’s weapon to bring success.

Egypt prayer

“I want Egypt for my own,” the Lord said to me Thursday night (3 Feb 2011).

He then showed me Egypt as his little child, hugging, cuddling, and rocking her in his big chair; also holding her hand as she took small steps learning to walk. It was a powerful image!

A powerful image of the heart of God for Egypt.

I was asking him how I should pray about the Egyptian uprising – especially since all the violence that had erupted in and near Tahrir Square Thursday, broadcast live for all the world to see on internet and TV (Al Jazeera, BBC, Fox News, CNN, etc.) despite the Egyptian government’s attempts to silence all news media.

Here’s how the conversation went from there:

Dead people do not praise God (Ps. 115:17). No-one can come to Christ after they die. Here is what I (Father God) want at this moment in Egypt. Speak these things into being:

Speak protection for all the people in Egypt, protesters on both sides, visitors and tourists, citizens and foreign nationals – everyone.

Speak angels to separate the violent ones and prevent them from further attacks on the protesters. Speak calmness on the streets.

So I did, visualizing each of those things as I spoke.

Then to the Lord: Father, receive Egypt as your own. Draw her to yourself, to your mercy, your compassion, your joy, your peace, your healing and wholeness. May they experience You in your true identity.

Friday – what a difference! Calmness and absence of violence came over the streets and squares of Cairo. The news media didn’t give God the glory for it, but I certainly did.

This morning (Saturday 5 Feb 2011) I found an interesting web site, It has an article about prophecies concerning Egypt, particularly Isaiah 19. Note verse 2, “… they shall fight every one against his brother…”

Whether that refers to the present uprising, past or future events, one thing I am sure of:

God loves his creation, human beings, and wants them to come to Him, not to perish (I Tim. 2:4, II Pet. 3:9). Including Egypt.