Miracles in my life

Testimony, part four

Miracles in my life

(1) For a time in the early 1970’s my children and I attended Parkwood Presbyterian Church on the Pamplico Highway. The church had an Easter Sunrise Service one year and the weather was beautiful. Several dozen church members assembled outside on the church grounds as the sun came up, and suddenly Jesus stood there facing us, smiling, his arms outstretched. His figure was much taller than any of the people there and translucent, not quite transparent.

After a few minutes the figure faded away and he was gone. After the brief sunrise service we went inside for breakfast before the regular Sunday School classes and Worship service. At first I thought I was the only person who had seen the figure of Jesus, but later several people cautiously asked around, “Did you see anything – unusual – during the sunrise service?” and we discovered that a number of us had seen him.

(2) One morning I was on my way to work at Florence-Darlington Technical College from my home in Claussen, driving down the Old River Road. The children had either caught the school bus or it was summer, I don’t remember which, and I was alone in the car.

Suddenly off to the right down a dirt lane I saw a car speeding toward the road and I realized it was not slowing down. We were already so close that there was no way to avoid a collision even if I stomped on the brakes. I simply said “Jesus” and in an instant my car was hundreds of yards further down the road. I glanced in my rear view mirror and saw the other car just coming off the dirt road onto the River Road, behind me.

My car had been transported down the road ā€” not a tremendous distance, but a comfortable distance. I had a hard time driving the rest of the way into town, the energy level and anointing inside my car was so great. I praised my way to work that day!

(3) One day my children and I were driving into town. We were on the Old River Road and had gone through the Claussen intersection when a red dashboard light came on in the Plymouth. The radiator was overheating. We could smell the waves of heat coming from under the hood and I knew better than to keep driving with the radiator hot.

We were near a house so I pulled the car over and hoped someone there could give us some water, but no-one was home. We had nothing in the car to put water in, not even an empty Coke bottle or can, and there was no garden hose in that yard.

So, I laid my hand on the front hood of the car and commanded the radiator to be normal temperature and whatever had caused the problem, whether a faulty thermostat or a leak, to be gone. We got back into the car, I cranked up the engine and the indicator light had gone out. The hot smell had gone away too. We drove on into town and did our errands and never had another problem with the engine overheating.

(4) One day I was frying something when hot grease popped out of the frying pan onto my hand. That spot turned red and burned like the dickens, but I didn’t have time to stop and try to find ice, or salve, or a band-aid to put on the hand. It was very inconvenient.

So I just told my hand to stop hurting and burning and went on with my cooking. After a while I looked down and my hand wasn’t red, it wasn’t painful, in fact I couldn’t tell where that spot had been.

(5) Another time I was peeling or slicing vegetables when I bore down a little too hard with my paring knife and accidentally cut the end of a finger. I hate being cut worse than being burned! I needed to keep working on the vegetables and knew a band-aid probably wouldn’t stay on the finger very long.

I rinsed the finger off, commanded the skin to close up and be healed, wrapped a bit of paper towel or napkin around it and went back to work. When I finished up the vegetables I unwrapped the finger. The skin had closed back up and there wasn’t even so much as a thin line left to show where the cut had been.

(6) In the late 1970’s I was one of the teachers at the Tabernacle Bible Institute. I was walking from the parking lot toward the main building to teach a class one morning and saw one of my students coming toward me. Since it was almost time for class to start, I asked where she was going. She said she had to go to the dentist, she had a terrible toothache.

I told her to let’s pray, then laid my hand on the side of her jaw and commanded her toothache to leave her and whatever was causing the pain to be gone. She thanked me and went on into the parking lot. I went on into the building and a few minutes later assembled with my class. There she was in her usual seat.

I said to her, “I thought you were going to the dentist.” She replied, “When you prayed, my toothache went away so I didn’t need to go to the dentist.” We rejoiced together that God cared even for her teeth.

(7) One evening I was substitute teaching for my brother in the Old Testament Class. The classroom was on the second floor of a building at the intersection of Cheves Street and South Coit and the students were mostly adults who were taking classes after getting off work in the evenings.

We had been discussing a passage of scripture about healing when one of the ladies in the class asked me to pray for her. She said she was deaf in one ear, and would I pray for the hearing to be restored in that ear.

The thought immediately came to my mind ā€” what if I pray and nothing happens? The Lord immediately replied, if you don’t pray, certainly nothing will happen! If you pray, she has a 50-50 chance of being healed, but if you don’t pray she has no chance of being healed. He assured me that He could take care of his own reputation.

So, I simply laid my hand lightly against the lady’s ear and commanded it to be opened in Jesus’ name. And it was. There was no great hullabaloo, just a quiet expectancy of faith in that classroom and she was healed. We took a few minutes to praise the Lord for his goodness and mercy and then I went on with the lesson.

That was the only time I taught that particular class of students and I have no idea who the lady was, but it was a wonderful moment. God made me realize that night that His faith can always overcome my doubts if I will just do what he tells me.

Over the years I’ve prayed for many people and seen most of them healed instantly. Some healings have been more gradual, and some people I never saw again after that occasion so I don’t know their history.

But I don’t need to know. God tells me what to do, I do it, and the rest is His business. His business is destroying the works of the devil, sometimes using me as his hand-tool, much like a carpenter uses a hammer or a saw. If He’s willing – and He is – then I’m willing.

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