What happens when God prays?

2:55 AM, Saturday, September 1, 2012 I awoke from a vivid dream.

Holding a piece of classical sheet music I had come to practice, I was seated on a folding chair in a piano rehearsal hall. The only other person in the room was a man I didn’t know, perhaps waiting there to rehearse something himself.

I asked the man, “What happens when you pray?” He looked unsure how to answer, thenĀ  shrugged as if to say, “Nothing.”

I thought to myself, even if you don’t believe in God or in prayer, something changes inside you when you pray. Something does happen, to you yourself.

But instead of saying that, I then asked the man, “What happens when God prays?”

And suddenly I was wide awake. In an instant I knew this wasn’t just a dream and I wasn’t the one asking the question. God was asking the question, and he was asking it of me. He was waiting for me to answer.

I got up out of bed, thinking about that. What a remarkable concept. God prays?

Well. I had to give that idea some serious thought. If God prays, whatever he prays, he gets. The Trinity. God the Father. God the Son, Jesus Christ. God the Holy Spirit. Jesus prayed and still prays (he’s ever interceding for us). God the Holy Spirit makes intercession for us, too.

Who do they pray to? God the Father… the creator, the decider, the prayer answerer. The prayer inspirer.

Whatever prayer the Holy Spirit inspires, he gets. I’ve looked up a lot of those prayers in the scriptures over the last few days, especially John 17, but Paul’s prayers for believers, too. Scripture inspired by God, recording prayers desired and inspired by God. It is tremendously comforting to grasp that.