The Healer is in the room. The Healer is in you!

I was teaching an Old Testament survey class one evening, substituting for my brother who was the regular teacher. (1970’s)

The class was made up of adults who came to class after getting off work. I didn’t know any of them personally.

I don’t remember what book we were studying but in the middle of the class, a lady raised her hand.

I’m deaf in my left ear, she said, would you pray for it to be healed?

Oh, Lord! I said in my mind — suppose I pray for her and nothing happens!?

If you don’t pray for her nothing will happen, he said.

I laid my hands on her ear, commanded it to be healed, and it was.

She rejoiced, the whole class praised God with her and eventually we went on with the lesson.

I looked normal on the outside, I suppose, but inside my spirit was jumping up and down, going Yippee, yippee, thank you Father!

That woman was never the same. She was changed.

So was I.

I’d had an encounter with Jesus the Healer, who loves people.

We are conduits for the power of the Holy Spirit. Like water hoses. The hose doesn’t create the water!

If you don’t fasten the hose to the faucet, nothing will happen. And if you don’t turn on the nozzle, nothing will happen!

Read the last chapter of Mark. The last chapter of Matthew. Obey him.

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