Revival: pitchers and torches

June 29, 2013

Last night as I was about to fall asleep, the Lord spoke to me about the revival that is happening around the world.

He showed me an image of an army with pitchers in their hands. Inside the pitchers were lit torches, unseen to the enemy until exactly the right time.

Those torches are the fires of revival around the world, the Lord said. Right now they are hidden to the enemy.

They won’t see the light — the fire of God — until I give the call to break the pitchers and reveal God’s fire.

That was all he said to me then. I asked him to remind me of it this morning so I could look up the scripture about that.

I found it in Judges 6. Gideon was called by God to raise up an army and defeat the Midianites. It’s a fascinating account.

Gideon’s army held trumpets (rams’ horns) in one hand and torches hidden in empty pitchers in the other hand. No swords!

When Gideon’s army shouted “The sword of God and of Gideon,” they sounded the trumpets, broke the pitchers and revealed the fire.

When the Midianites heard the shout and the trumpet, then saw the fire of God, many destroyed each other in terror. Others died in the ensuing battles as the desperate enemy fought back. Did some of God’s warriors fall too? Probably.


It took time for God to prepare Gideon. To persuade him. To instill faith in him. It took time for Gideon to prepare the army. To select those who would obey God.

I can just see some men saying, That is ridiculous. Trumpets and torches? No weapons? I don’t believe that. That’s not God.

But it was.

And that is what is happening in the world today. Some are saying, Revival is ridiculous. Miracles, signs and wonders? I don’t believe that. That’s not God.

But it is.

The fire was revealed when God and Gideon gave the word, and when they did there was no more time for preparation.

How much more time does the world have now?

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