Real revival takes guts

This week I have been re-watching some Bay of the Holy Spirit revival videos. In this one from February 2011, Nathan Morris is at Christ for the Nations Institute in Dallas, Texas, preaching about revival and the fire of the Holy Spirit, praying for students and others.

As I watch, I realize that many American Christians are spiritual cowards (including some in my own church). They claim they want revival. But what they really want is a nice, tidy, respectable, pretty meeting. They don’t really want revival God’s way.

When God demonstrates his power, your preconceived ideas about revival will need revising. Watch this video and then answer the question — Want Revival? Bay of the Holy Spirit revival at Christ for the Nations, Dallas, TX

1 thought on “Real revival takes guts

  1. Powerful! Real revival starts with us, hungry hearts prepared to allow God to reach into the deep places, to sift through the dross,repentant hearts on fire for Jesus and prepared to do whatever he asks of us, to be Spirit led, not run to programs of man, God needs to be allowed to step in, even if it gets messy, keeping going for God in the face of adversity – it’s true you know when the power of God impacts you – personal revival-God wants us to be personally revived – faith to rise- Irene


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