What would you do?

What would you do if Jesus, physical and in person, walked across the platform at church one Sunday? And you recognized him in a flash, knew it was really him.

Would you continue thinking about where to go for lunch? What to do after lunch? About work tomorrow? Would you continue sitting there not singing during the “praise and worship,” wishing they would sing something you liked better?

Or would you leap to your feet with hands raised, begin jumping and shouting praises, clapping, crying and laughing  at the same time? Would you be completely awestruck and filled with amazing joy?

Sunday after Sunday some church-goers act as if Jesus wasn’t there and they hoped he wouldn’t show up. They sit with hands folded, not singing during the song service. Their minds and hearts don’t seem to be present, even if their bodies are there in the pew. 

Jesus is there, though. Actually. Want to change your Sunday worship experience? It’s a conscious decision. Choose to focus on him, thanking him for his presence whether you feel it yet or not. Thank him until praise comes, praise him until worship comes, and worship him until his glory comes.


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