Feeling sort of blah the other day, I thought about the time I spend praying most days, in amongst everything else I do to occupy myself since I retired. (You know, old TV shows, emails, online news, Facebook, Twitter, books, magazines, etc.)

How important are those prayers really, I wondered? I seldom see any results. Occasionally I might, but most of the time I don’t because I’m praying for international situations. Does that do any good, actually?

Quietly the Holy Spirit began to interrupt me. Prayer is a linchpin, he said. Not the only one, one of many supernatural linchpins. Linchpins that have prevented some things in the past are going to start moving this year, and linchpins that can cause other things are also going to be moving this year.

I sort of knew what linchpins were, so I didn’t go look it up right away, as he continued speaking.

ropeYou know what a rope is, he said. A rope is made of several cords, each cord made of several strands, and each strand made of many threads, some very fine.

If you unravel a rope, untwist the cords and strands and lay out the individual threads, the rope becomes longer. Sometimes much longer.

Back to linchpin – I did look it up to refresh my memory – it is a pin fastener. Originally the word referred to a wood or metal pin that ran through holes in an axle and a wheel, fastening them together and keeping the wheel from falling off. They have been found in ancient chariots and wagons.

wheel-linchpin grenade ChurchillFDRStalinYaltaConf

Of course, some linchpins are used to prevent things from coming together, like in a hand grenade. When removed – when the pin is pulled – it allows two things to come together, i.e. allows them to make contact, thereby causing an explosion.

In political circles, it refers to a person and their work, or a specific event that causes another larger event in the world. During and after World War II, for instance, Allied leaders British Prime Minister Winston Churchill, U.S. President Franklin D. Roosevelt and USSR’s Joseph Stalin met a number of times… historic linchpins, they are called.

After telling me this, the Lord went back to discussing rope. He showed me an unwound rope with one end tightly fastened. Dozens, even hundreds of individual threads were stretched out in a fan-like pattern. Each thread was attached to something different, a different linchpin. Some were people, some were events. Here are a few of those attachments:

– A man or woman purchasing something from a particular store on a particular day at a particular time
– Traveling at one time rather than another
– Traveling to one place rather than another
– Taking one job rather than another
– Speaking to someone that causes behavior or actions to occur
– Publishing an article in one of various venues, print, television, radio, internet, etc.
– Reading that article and then doing some behavior because of it
– Meeting certain people, sharing and learning specific information
– Being in a certain place and time that acts as a catalyst
– A weather event that causes delays or cancellations
– A solar event that disrupts electronic communications, resulting in faulty or erroneous messages, or missed data, such as spy satellites, communication networks or weather satellites not receiving information and/or not transmitting information, which results in other things happening or not happening

There were many other examples, too many to list, ending with the most important one of all: praying God’s will.

The most critical linchpin of all is prayer that allows God to intervene on the earth, gives him permission to act in certain situations, with certain people, places and times.

Then he showed me the rope in his hand, slowly turning and twisting the fastened end to regather the threads into cords and the cords into rope. As the rope turned, it shortened, and the linchpins began to move out of their individual places, away from whatever they were keeping together. The final results will be an event the Lord has designed.

I don’t know what that is or whether it will be big or little, he didn’t tell me. Middle East nuclear warfare? Another Great Awakening? Both of those is what I’ve been feeling for some months now.

No matter what it is, every linchpin is important and praying what God says to pray is the most important one of all.


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