Holy Spirit, humorist

Thinking again about what God is like, I’ve meditated some about what each person of the Godhead is like. Identical in nature, they are not identical in function, relationship with humans, or personalities.

Over the years I’ve discovered that the Holy Spirit has a wonderful sense of humor.

I’m reading several books at a time, not sure which one this comment was in – “… the Lord always by my side.” I kept on reading, but then was stopped short by the Holy Spirit himself. “And IN your side, too…” he said, with a chuckle.

Oh, that’s good, I answered. “Thanks,” he responded. I could sense a smile in his voice.

The problem with that first phrase, is that’s how the author was looking at God’s presence in his life. Omnipresent. In the room. In the air, even. But mostly outside of you, not inside.

Parakletos, the Greek word translated Comforter (KJV) or Advocate (NIV) in John 14:16 means “One called alongside to help.” That could be a counselor, consoler, advocate, advisor, or mentor.

But that word – alongside – there’s a problem with that. It’s as if the Holy Spirit is just floating around somewhere, on pause. When you need help with something, just call him over and here he comes. But unless you have a specific need, just leave him on hold, don’t give him a thought.

But that’s not what Jesus had in mind. That’s not how Jesus lived and worked with the disciples, and he said the Holy Spirit would be a replacement for himself. Jesus was alongside of them. He was with them – but the Holy Spirit would be inside them (John 14:17).

He would be their teacher, convictor, encourager, comforter, and “reminder” of everything Jesus had told them.

From the inside of their bodies, he would be to them – and to us – a permanent empowerer, enabler, inspirer, instigator, interferer, intervenor, informer, healer, restorer, and deliverer.

Revealer, explainer, enlightener, guide, and trainer, he is a generous giver of gifts such as wisdom, knowledge, discerning of spirits, faith, healing, prophecy, and many others.

The Holy Spirit is also an excellent thrower-of-monkey-wrenches and setter-of-stumbling-blocks for the enemy. A weapons expert. A warrior.

The Holy Spirit is not a vague, ethereal, spiritual impression. He’s a real person. He’s a person with a personality, a mind of his own, a voice, and a distinct presence.

After all, he is God. Powerful. Creator. Inventor. Designer. Engineer. Scientist. Playwright. Author. Humorist…


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