Have you ever considered the edges of leaves?

A gifted fellow blogger commented that my post (https://estherspetition.wordpress.com/2015/01/09/why-does-god-love-us/) reads like poetry… such a touching compliment. Here’s part of my response to her.

That post wasn’t written as poetry, it’s a very, very shortened version of a conversation I had with the Lord some time ago about space – like why are there so many galaxies in the universe, are there more than one universe, etc. If I posted the entire thing it would be many pages long, way too long for anyone to wade through.

LeafEdgesIt was sort of like the night I was wondering about grasses, and trees, and shrubs – why are there so many shades of green? The Lord asked if I had ever considered the edges of leaves… weird, huh?

Not just leaves, the edges of leaves. All were carefully designed and constructed, so many different types, configurations, thicknesses, textures, colors, purposes, right down to the cellular level.

So the next morning I googled “leaf edges” and found multiple sites, some college-level (really scientific) and some grade-school level. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Leaf is where I started… wow, what a lot of information about leaves!

I started reading and looking at the images but it was really mind-boggling. I could almost hear the Lord chuckling as I tried to skim the material, thinking to myself “This is awesome.”

Here are some earlier notes about that thought-provoking conversation:

I didn’t like the color green much, until the evening the Holy Spirit asked me, “Have you ever considered the edges of leaves?” What followed was image after image of leaves, panning slowly through my mind’s eye for quite a long time.

I saw leaves of grass, bushes, flowers and trees. And not just the leaves, the edges of the leaves. Some were thick. Some were thin. Some were dainty, some were rugged. Some were smooth, some were rough. Some were scalloped, some were zig-zagged.

Why? I wondered, was I being shown the edges of all these leaves? I began to meditate.

Hmmm. Why don’t the leaves just stop, why do they have finished edges, like hems on garments almost, I began to wonder. Below are some of the websites I visited looking for answers to my leaf questions.

Of course only the Designer can really explain, and all he said was, “I love you.”


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