KathmanduWe have an enemy out to kill, steal and destroy. (John 10:10) Out to kill every human being, beings created in the image of God, Christian or not. Out to steal everyone’s goods, children, marriages, jobs, health. Destroy everyone’s reputation, faith, roads, bridges, buildings, confidence, peace of mind, hope. Destroy lakes, rivers, oceans. Mountains.

This planet was turned over to humans for their habitat and their management. Authority over the destroyer, the murderer from the beginning, the liar who says God did all the evil – the savage, brutal, inhuman rampaging enemy – whose authority is that?

Who is to blame when mountains fall?

Pray for rescue, access, equipment, recovery, repair, solace, healing, shelter, food, comfort, and above all, for a supernatural outpouring of grace and mercy, the peace with God that comes from God, peace that is beyond human understanding. The only real solution when mountains fall.



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