The Lord gave, and the Lord has taken away

Job said that after his children were killed (Job 1:21)… and people have been repeating it ever since to explain away their personal disasters and losses.

Since we live in a fallen world, created by God, granted to humans to own and operate, handed over by them to the enemy in exchange for counterfeit power, I guess it’s understandable for some people to use this phrase as a sort of grief pill.

But when they say it these days — after Jesus came, took our sins upon himself and died to pay their penalty —  they are accusing God of being an Indian giver.  A thief.  A murderer.  And He’s not.

This won’t be a theological discussion.  I would just like to suggest a “post-cross” way of looking at this comment of Job’s.

The Lord gave: grace, love, compassion, understanding, forgiveness, mercy,
reconciliation, restoration, sonship, inheritance, friendship, fellowship, comfort, counsel, guidance, and a blessed future with him in heaven.

And the Lord has taken away: guilt, condemnation, loneliness, confusion, judgment, anxiety, fear, punishment, and a cursed future separated from him in hell.

2 thoughts on “The Lord gave, and the Lord has taken away

  1. Sis, I agree 100% and those that make comments like this are just not clear of the TRUTH the Living Word of God teaches them. This thinking is STILL steeped in the Law, and in the erroneous thought that our Heavenly Father is a cruel taskmaster, when in TRUTH and all FACT, Jesus Christ fulfilled ALL the Law and prophets and gave us in return the New Covenant, the New Promises that you so aptly laid forth. Who (and yes it’s rhetorical), but who in their right MIND would want to live back under what was fulfilled in Christ?! The Apostle Paul stated it more than once; if we CHOOSE to live under the tenants of the LAW then that is what will judge us, when Christ has already paid for our inability to follow the Law!!! After almost 50 years of attempting to serve the Lord and walk in FAITH, it still astounds me, yet, we STILL need to be reminded!!

    God bless so very richly, Sister Bette for this!! May the Holy Spirit illuminate the truth of it to hearts that are truly in need of it! In Jesus Name, Amen and AMEN!!


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