Worship, 1980-something: Secret Santa Worship Day

As I was reading several paragraphs in the worship posts this morning, I asked the Lord, Am I looking over your shoulder, or are you looking over mine? I’m looking from inside your shoulder, he said, with an obvious smile, and looking inside your shoulder too… shoulders are interesting things, he added. Someone can cry on your shoulder. Lean on your shoulder. You can shoulder responsibility. A shoulder can shrug. A shoulder is where your arm is attached, an arm that can hug, with a hand that can reach out, with fingers that can work the most intricate mechanism. But let’s keep looking… and we continued to browse through the posts on worship together.

Church Set Free

It was a mid-week church service, sometime in the early 1980’s.

Who was preaching? I don’t remember. Who was leading the singing? I have no memory of that. Who was playing the pipe organ, the piano, the drums and guitars? I can’t recall that either. Who was present? A few relatives, a few friends, myself and many others whose names I didn’t know. I was only a visitor, not knowing what to expect.

What was happening? That I will never forget.

The main floor and the balcony of the sanctuary was filled that evening. The preliminaries had taken place – greetings, announcements, offering, followed by hymns and praise songs accompanied by enthusiastic clapping. The congregation had taken their seats. But then…

A complete hush fell over the congregation. The silence was so deep you could have heard a pin drop. Literally. It was as if a thick cloud had descended…

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