Snip, snip

pruningLast night as I was praying, meditating and trying to keep my attention in check, I was having a lot of trouble. Thoughts went here, there and everywhere except where I wanted them to go.

People, places, things, events, situations, issues all interrupted. Spiritual, physical, political – if it had been on the internet, on the television news, in the newspaper, in conversations with family and friends, emails, no matter where, they all crowded in. Sometimes in gangs! Like impish brats they demanded attention, sometimes loudly, sometimes sneakily. Psst!

Suddenly I realized what was happening. I recognized the work of the enemy and began to demand his distracting minions to get out of my presence. As I started praising the Lord and thanking him instead of being distracted by all that intrusive negative stuff, they left (whining as they went). It was almost funny.

That wasn’t the first time such a thing had happened when I prayed, of course. Daytime or night time, controlling my thoughts in prayer sometimes becomes a skirmish, even a battle. I’m usually quicker to recognize the enemy’s tactics.

When my focus was finally back to the conversation I’d been attempting to have with the Lord, he said to me plainly – with a bit of humor – “Snip, snip.”

I knew what that meant. John 15:1-2. “I am the true Vine, and My Father is the vinedresser. Every branch in Me that does not bear fruit, He takes away; and every branch that continues to bear fruit, He [repeatedly] prunes, so that it will bear more fruit [even richer and finer fruit].” (Amplified Bible)

The Holy Spirit is doing some pruning. In me, in my local church, and in the body of Christ as a whole.

He’s shaking off debris, pulling away viny weeds, straightening out tangled branches, cutting off deadwood and snipping away unproductive tendrils.

At times we need to put off some things ourselves, although we may be a little slow in getting that done. Other times we need to let him prune off some things. It doesn’t always feel like fun, but it’s always necessary.

The “distractor in chief” didn’t want me to hear the Holy Spirit’s voice last night so he threw in lots of other subjects to misdirect my attention. He didn’t succeed, though. I’m coming to grips today with what is going on in the spirit world. Shaking. Rearranging. Pruning.

4 thoughts on “Snip, snip

  1. Sister Bette; I was so blessed (you can not imagine how blessed) to read this. It inspired me and yet Sis, more importantly (for me) it was a confirmation. You see, along with the pain that I had been coping with over the last couple of months, I also recognized pain in my spirit as well from all the things that you, yourself mentioned in this post.

    We are bombarded literally with the “vision” of the enemy confronting us on a daily basis. I had been crying out to the Lord on how to deal with it for I knew that I was looking in the wrong place. I knew it, yet was kind of “bewildered” as to what to do. I NEEDED these last couple of months to be able to get the Spirit’s perspective back in my heart and mind!

    For me, it has been almost like a spiritual overhaul! The Lord helped me to strip (or snip) away some of the preconceived ideas and notions that we all have a tendency to collect over time. Almost like when your computer gets loaded up with junk and then has to be cleaned so it will function or focus on what you’re having it do without crashing!

    Along with clarity of mind and spirit, I also found the Lord doing a work in my body. It reminded me that we truly are spiritual beings and meant to lead in the spirit and not with the flesh. The flesh will then “follow” in line. Still deal with pain, but surprisingly getting rid of some troublesome meds (more snipping) the pain itself is now not the main focus, rather, the Lord’s will has become again centermost in my heart, mind and spirit.

    So Sis, this is a thank you for your prayers and a confirmation that this article was at least for me, timely and inspired! Thank you for your obedience to the Holy Spirit, for I know that He meant for me to read this at the right time!

    God bless you Sis so very much! Love exceedingly in Christ Jesus!!


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