See something, say something

Opinionated? Pushy? Self-righteous? Nit-picking? Critical? People have described me in these ways, and other ways that aren’t quite so polite. My specific spiritual gifts are teaching, prophecy, and discerning of spirits (as delineated by multiple Gifts surveys over the years). I have a very hard time keeping silent when I see people the Lord cares about going the wrong way because of wrong beliefs or ignorance. So if I rub people the “wrong way,” it’s because the Lord cares and I care, and we want the very best for them that our loving Father has for them. Here’s a post from one of my other blogs that speaks to this situation.

Talk With Bette

How can I demonstrate God’s love? See something, say something, maybe.

SkateboardBoyHe looked to be about 8 years old, the kid focused on the front edge of his skate board as he determinedly rode up and down my street. His track was the pavement in front of several houses on my block.

I stood at the window sipping a cup of coffee, watching his progress as he got the hang of his new gadget.

Back and forth, back and forth he went, the clattering sound of skateboard wheels on the rough pavement reaching into my living room. The expression on his face showed how much he was concentrating – how fast can I go, how fast can I turn, can I do a flip – normal stuff for a kid when there’s no skateboard ramp nearby.

He was still focused down at his feet when the car came up behind…

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