All I really need to know I learned in kindergarten

Kindergarten. Good stuff!

SC Family Memories

Good stuff like buttoning my coat and tying my shoelaces, “One, two, button my shoe.” That didn’t make sense to me but we learned it anyway. I also learned to say Please, Thank you, and May I. To share even when I didn’t want to, and to say sorry even if I wasn’t. Good safety habits like “Look both ways before crossing a street” and “Never hit back.”

The kids at Mrs. McIntosh’s learned to bow our heads and say a blessing before eating, and to be quiet and still on our little mats at nap time. I seldom fell sleep in the daytime but my imagination could keep me plenty occupied while waiting for the other kids to wake up.

I learned to count to ten and to write my numbers in big broad strokes. I learned how to grip the fat pencil and stay inside the ruled lines…

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4 thoughts on “All I really need to know I learned in kindergarten

  1. While kindergarten was a lot of fun, my earliest memories include Bible stories accompanied with coloring neat pictures of Moses, Abraham and Jesus in Sunday School. I’m glad I still have those memories. :)


  2. Enjoyed your stories…two questions:
    1) Kindergarten was 2 years long? (ie ‘I attended…..from age 4 to almost 6) I’m guessing then that this was more a preschool, not associated with the public school systems in the South?
    2) What’s a ‘Clarinet’? (from another story about cruising Main)

    Enjoy the rest of your Sunday afternoon, Bette.

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    • Thanks, Laura! Kindergarten was private – this was in the 1940’s! I started public school at age 5 almost 6, attended kindergarten from almost 4 to almost 6. A Clarinet was a soda fountain cold drink, flavored with some sort of fruity stuff but I can’t remember exactly what. Sunday has been a good afternoon! :)

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      • Hmm, I wonder why it was named ‘Clarinet” ? I thought it might have some (icky to me) licorise flavoring hence the name…or was it colored black and white? Interesting!


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