Throwing stones from our glass houses

In My Father's House

I hesitated to post this because I don’t want it come across as an attack against parts of the Body of Christ. Quite the opposite, my desire is that we would stop throwing our doctrinal rocks at each other. I genuinely LOVE all streams of the body of Christ, whether I agree with them doctrinally or not. Besides, Jesus seems to think the world will know we’re His by our love for one another, and by our union in Him, not by our doctrinal agreement (John 13:35; 17:23).

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1 thought on “Throwing stones from our glass houses

  1. Hi Bette, Mel Wild and I have already had a number of discussions and we have agreed to disagree. Mel’s quote “But from what I’ve seen and read, most of these attacks are nothing more than straw man arguments based on soundbites from followers behaving badly. And many of their doctrinal accusations aren’t even accurate and taken out of context.” seems to be perfectly in line with his recommended resources of Bill Johnson and Graham Cooke, not to mention his frequent use of and recommendation for the Passion Translation Bible. Many noted scholars have researched the NAR extensively and I can assure you that the NAR doctrines and practices are a far cry from straw man soundbits or accusations that have been taken out of context. And no, I am not a Calvinist. This link of mine refers and it is but one post of many (do a search for the New Apostolic Reformation) that can be found on my blog, should you wish to look into the NAR further: This is NOT a slight misunderstanding, this is an entirely different Gospel. Sorry to ruffle feathers but I would be remiss if I didn’t speak out on this. Blessings.


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