“2018 will be a year of contrasts, I think.” It sure was — and that was just the beginning! Looking back, looking forward, looking around, the contrasts are indeed vivid, and obvious.

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2018 will be a year of contrasts, I think. I have been sensing some things about 2018. On the one hand, there will be more and worse disasters, chaos, tragedies, deadly weather, weird unique and odd evil happenings. So-called natural disasters will clearly be supernatural in origin. The magnitude and acceleration of these events will be impossible to miss.

There will be more political and religious deception, misdirection, sleight-of-hand and fake news. “Out and oust” has been my prayer in 2017 and we certainly have seen quite a lot of that! There will be more, occurring in many spheres of influence. Business, entertainment, media, and government will all experience their share of unpleasant revelations.

On the other hand, in this coming year millions more new Christians will come into the kingdom of God. There will be more appearances of angels and of Jesus. Breakthroughs will arrive – answers to long-time…

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3 thoughts on “2018

  1. Hi Bette, how are you doing? I’m pretty sure you never do anything without a reason. That being said, why the repost for 2018? Has God shared anything with you about 2020? The leading I keep getting is focus and fine tuning on Jesus. God’s grace, peace, joy and blessings to you and yours!


    • Good Saturday morning, Bruce. Now and then I re-read some of my old posts and consider again their message. This time, the message the Holy Spirit seemed to say to me was, “2018 was only the beginning.” It was not just one year of many changes, it was the beginning year of many changes. Maybe many years of changes. Back in 2018 I didn’t even have a glimmer of the changes that would happen in my life in 2019, for instance — I sold my condo and moved in with my daughter and her three grandchildren, using the funds to help her purchase this house, and then start a 4-5 month remodeling project. Sinusitis in October 2019 was followed by bronchitis which was followed by pneumonia! (During all that, 2020 hit the world.) Five days in April were spent in a hospital on lock-down with everyone walking around in “space suits,” afraid to even come near me until I tested negative to Covid-19, twice. Back home on many antibiotics and breathing meds, having to use oxygen 24/7 at first, now only at night — it’s been an interesting journey since I first wrote “2018.” You could probably say the same thing, couldn’t you? I’m praying and looking forward to some “GOOD CHANGES” for a change! :) Focus and fine tuning would be great advice for us all.


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