A three-fold battle

Exodus 17:8-16 – intercessory prayer is part of a 3-fold battle; Moses (leader who gets tired; President Trump); Aaron and Hur (experienced supporters; intercessors); and Joshua and his hand-picked warriors (attorneys and their legal teams).

The Lord woke me up early this morning with this passage. One main point is this — as long as Moses’ hands were raised, meaning he was willing for the battle to continue, Israel would win. His intercessions were just as much a battle as the one Joshua and his warriors were fighting. Fatigue was a real problem.

We know that this is a spiritual battle and it’s a vicious one. Many intercessors are feeling the fatigue, too. But intercessors are needed now more than ever. Spiritual / mental / emotional / physical fatigue sometimes cause leaders to quit fighting.


It’s not who votes, it’s who counts the votes…

Some things never change… It’s not who votes, it’s who COUNTS the votes!

Talk With Bette

In the 1960 John F. Kennedy vs. Richard Nixon presidential election, I volunteered to help count votes, by hand. At age 17 I was too young to vote but I wanted to help any way I could, so I signed up.

A large group of us met in the cafeteria at McKenzie Elementary School where the “adults in the room,” that is the regular poll workers, were in charge. Soon they began bringing in box after box of paper ballots, dumping them out on the long tables.

Each of us counters were handed tally sheets listing the names of the candidates for each office, and lead pencils. No ballpoint pens.

President wasn’t the only race that year of course, there were other names on the ballots, but Kennedy and Nixon were the political stars, the ones whose names stuck in your mind.

The poll worker assigned to our area of…

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