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Predestination, a controversial subject. The original Greek word simply means to determine ahead of time, like drawing the boundary lines on a plat.

It’s a destiny and destination pre-planned by God for anyone who accepts Jesus as Saviour.

When we accepted Christ, God changed us.
Not into a frog.
Not into a millionaire.
Into a human habitat for the Holy Spirit, who then enables us to be conformed into the image of Christ.

God also changed our eternal destination.
Not a planet of our own to rule.
Not some great universal mind.
To God’s own home, heaven.

That’s not hard to understand. God didn’t decide who would get those changes, he just decided what those changes would be.

When God created whatever he created, he first thought about it. Once he’d given it every consideration, he decided to do it. He planned it all out, down to the…

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