Lies coming down

I shared this word with only a few fellow intercessors back in February, but this week I’ve seen more and more of it coming to pass.

On Monday night February 14, 2022, as I was praying before sleep the Lord showed me ranks of angel warriors with swords drawn and pointed outwards, preparing to attack.

Father God showed me that he has called Time and the warriors are deploying. He is calling an end to the lies and deception that the enemy has been using across America (and the whole world, for that matter).

The spirit behind all the lies and deception is actually the spirit of fear, He said. Fear of being found out, truth revealed, deceptions uncovered, lies that had brought much influence, power and wealth, while hidden.

Over the coming days / weeks / months there will be a battle of God’s warriors against the spirit of fear behind the lies, deception, all the deliberate falsehoods afflicting God’s people — indeed all people.

You won’t actually perceive this battle very well on the earth for a little while, He said, because it is a purely spiritual battle. But you will perceive the results soon as the lies are made obvious. The lies and deception will come down, will end, and the truth will become obvious.

Soon the spiritual battle will descend onto the earth and the natural world will also engage in this battle. Spiritual warriors and prayer warriors will be put to work more fiercely than ever.

So be alert, be aware, watch and keep watching, listen and keep listening. More importantly, pray and keep praying.

Posted 1 April 2022


4 thoughts on “Lies coming down

  1. First, I really appreciate you and this blog. And, I am certainly on board with the call to more fervent prayer but unfortunately, in these end times, the scriptures predict that deceptions we see now are only getting started. The deceptions and lies will only end at the day of the Lord, some time in the future after the coming Tribulation, but not now.

    The only defense against deception is the Word of God. Our mission is to uphold the Word, preach it to anything that moves, and implement it in our lives by the power of the Holy Spirit. Unbelievers will unfortunately remain deceived because of the suppression of the truth (not only biblical truth, but all truth to include scientific truth) caused by the rejection of God and His Word. The unbelieving world, a culture hostile to God and His people, has been turned over to a reprobate mind – a mind bent away from truth and towards spiritually energized deception (Romans 1).

    Standing for truth is a job given to the church, not angelic warriors. We cannot hope in them to defeat deceptions. Its up to the saints of God. Are we up to the task? I hope so.

    So respectfully, spiritual warfare is an Ephesians 6 issue as it always has been. I would recommend we all go back and make a checklist out of Eph 6:10-20 which includes the biblically mandated task for the intercessors. Prepare for the great deception by diving into the Word of God, fervent prayer for the saints, the Spirit of God to continue opening minds and hearts to the gospel of salvation.


    • Thanks for reading and for commenting. I recommend Tim Sheets’ book Angel Armies on Assignment, for a more in-depth insight into the role of angels in the lives of believers, especially as it relates to prayer. Thanks again.


      • I read the sample of the book and it was a lot of personal revelation depicted as from God and very light on scripture. Therein lies the problem. We have had decades of this, largely the same kind of messaging, and the results have been a disaster. Self anointed prophets and apostles spreading boastful messages about a new apostolic age. Don’t you find it a little self serving for those who claim to be apostles announcing a new apostolic age? Conference after expensive conference of falsehood. Where is the biblical discernment? There is not a single verse in scripture that calls for prayer in relation to angels. Biblical intercession is unceasing prayer for the saints of God.


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