In the beginning

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… was the Word, says John 1:1. Why? Why not say, In the beginning was the power? Or the love? Or the truth?

My meditations sometimes run in odd directions and this was one. I wasn’t studying John’s gospel or epistles, I was actually thinking about communications and relationships, the way we connect with each another.

I was in a theater when this train of thought began. A preview for an upcoming movie was on the screen, with one woman lamenting to another, Now I can be rejected in seven different technologies! You know, phone calls, voice mail, email, instant messaging, texting, facebook, myspace, etc.

Her point was that to have a relationship, communication is required. Two-way communication.

When John calls our attention to his writing, he points out that God communicates. He says things, and desires a reply.

Not all communication is verbal, of course. “A picture is worth…

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1 thought on “In the beginning

  1. Enjoyed this Bette! You have me thinking that because God is Love, Truth and Power, why couldn’t we use those words here. Of course we know and understand why, but it is still an interesting thought. Thanks for sharing your thoughts!


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