Normal… what is that, exactly?

Timely, still.

Esther's Petition

(Reprinted from 2008, still appropriate, unfortunately.)

Sick. Broke. Conflicted. Unhappy at work, at school, at home, at church. Is that normal for a Christian? Where’s the prospering and being in health, as your soul prospers? (See III John 2.) Food multiplying? Storm stopping? I think there’s a clue in that “as your soul prospers” phrase…

Years ago I experienced miracles, instant answers to prayer and faith healing as an integral part of my everyday life. I took them for granted. I was part of a small church where this kind of God-life was taught, expected and experienced from the smallest toddler to the eldest senior. Due to many factors that church disbanded and the members found other church homes across the region, but the life in the Spirit we had experienced didn’t seem to move with us.

Why should we settle for living like the world lives? Curling into ourselves…

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