Pray about the Nails

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As I was meditating last night, I was visualizing the vastness of creation and the infinitesimal size of me – one tiny speck of grit in the universe. Wondering how important the prayer of one insignificant person could be, I asked the Lord what he wanted me to pray about right now.

I wasn’t feeling very confident in my prayers at that moment.

But even before I could get my thought completely articulated, He reminded me of the little poem “For Want of a Nail.”

Pray about nails, He said. Watch, and when you see a likely scenario on the news, pray about the nails. Pray that nails will be lost.

WILL be lost? I asked. Not that nails WON’T be lost? Not that they’ll all be present and accounted for, in good working condition? I was thinking about every Christian doing his assigned task.

No, He said. One man…

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