Huckleberry hunting and the forty-acre rock

SC Family Memories

Mom, I’m bored! That used to be a common summertime complaint before the advent of video games. In the early 1970’s boredom was seldom a problem for my family. We lived thirteen miles from the city limits on a small mini-farm, and mowing grass, pulling weeds, shelling beans and shucking corn kept us pretty busy after normal work-day jobs.

Occasionally, however, adults and kids alike wanted to do something totally different, so one morning we went exploring our neighborhood “forest.” Instead of the usual shorts and sandals we donned jeans and sturdy shoes, then tromped across the paved road from our house into a long stretch of unoccupied woods. The undergrowth was manageable, the ground cover mostly pine straw.

Lifting our feet high we picked our way carefully through bramble bushes until reaching a little stream, a tributary of nearby Willow Creek. Turning south along the creek banks we spotted…

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