Principles of Intercession Class Notes: Introduction


These are my teaching notes for an adult Sunday School class that began the Fall of 2016 at Trinity EPC in Florence, SC. Individual class members and a few other people received these notes via email during the week following the class. I have lightly edited them — they are not a polished product.

Topics covered in the study include:

  • Definitions of intercession and prayer; not the same thing
  • Why pray? Prayer is God’s idea, his command
  • Authority of the believer in prayer
  • Knowing and praying the will of God
  • God’s faith needed to pray in faith
  • Hindrances to answers: doubt, unbelief, sin
  • Power of your words, before, during and after prayer
  • Gifts and work of the Holy Spirit
  • Intercessors of the Bible
  • History of revival – Great Awakenings / Outpouring of the Holy Spirit

Some notes were accompanied by handouts and where possible I will include those on this site. I generally use the NIV version of the Bible when teaching, occasionally using other versions including the KJV.

This was a discussion class as will become obvious if you read through my notes. Please feel free to contact me with any questions about this study.

Bette Cox

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