The More Things Change…

July 4, 2022

The more things change the more they stay the same… NOT. Not this time. Remember that old Bon Jovi song?

Last night I asked the Lord a question I’ve asked many times in the last few years. “What’s going on, Lord?” I had hesitated to ask again, thinking of his previous answers to that question… dark, dark and more dark! Bad, confusing, chaotic troubles ahead for America, really for the entire world.

But at the same time there will be light, light and more light! Miracles, rescues, healings, deliverances, thousands of people coming to Christ as they see the hand of God at work. In other words, a global outpouring of the Holy Spirit is coming and in fact has already begun, in the midst of that global darkness.

And so I hesitated a few moments, then asked my question and waited. This time his answer was a bit different.

Changes, he said. Many, many changes are coming. Drastic, sudden and surprising changes! Some will be totally unexpected no matter how you look at things or how you’ve been praying; some shocking and very unpleasant. Some changes will be pleasant to some people while unpleasant to others. Very soon things will be vastly different from the way they are now, in this nation and in others. Political, economic and social spheres – physically and spiritually – will be greatly changed.

As I meditated on that, I realized one thing is for sure – God hasn’t relinquished his ownership of America. He is not happy with the status quo in America and his patience has grown super thin. He let the people have what they wanted for a time and they made a mess of it. It didn’t turn out like they’d planned, now they’re angry, unhappy, anxious and miserable. Once more they are desperate for change.

And so change is coming. The Lord didn’t say how soon, but we will see it. It won’t be hidden, won’t be merely local, regional or even national.


Postscript: On June 28, 2022 at a morning prayer meeting I attend, the Lord gave me a mini-vision. I saw the great Mississippi River and the Missouri River, stretching from the Gulf to the Canadian border. Standing astride the waters of the Mississippi facing north was the Lord, with outstretched arms pointing east and west. He spoke to me and said, there IS no West coast or East coast, there is only ONE America, and it’s MINE, and I’m calling TIME.

God envisioned America, he planned it, designed it and created it, and He intends to fulfill his purpose and goal for it.

Transit / transition

I knew 2019 would be a year of change; something would trigger something else, which would result in still something more.

Thinking in terms of geopolitics in the natural and spiritual realms, I didn’t realize how close-to-home that change would be, back in January.

My January 1st post titled “2019” described several prophetic words the Lord had given me: Flashpoint; critical mass; paradigm shift. My initial understanding of those words was of global events and certainly some of those have occurred. National and international news this very week point to that.

But in my personal life, all have come to pass as well, and continue. Here’s a bit of background…

Off and on for some months my daughter Shelby and I had discussed moving in together. She was living with her three grandchildren and the children’s aunt in a leased house, with an option to purchase the property. She was putting funds aside every month to be used as a down payment some day.

Unfortunately; a number of local companies had declined her request for a mortgage loan. But then one day a local bank agreed to work with her on acquiring a mortgage, provided she could increase her down payment funding somewhat.

We started praying more specifically for wisdom and guidance, and it seemed as though we both heard the same reply: it’s time.

And so I spoke to a realtor friend, listed my condominium for sale, and we began what I thought might be a lengthy process.

But it wasn’t! Within a couple of weeks the condo was sold! Two days before closing, my four cats and I moved in with Shelby and family.

It was obvious that the bank’s mortgage agreement was a sort of flashpoint for us, one that triggered a major change, leading to critical mass and a paradigm shift in both our lives. Nothing will ever be the same.

Within a few more weeks we bought the house together and are now in the process of remodeling. An older house, it needed a fair amount of updating to make it more convenient for all of us.

A more modern kitchen, extra bathroom, new closets, updated flooring, various maintenance projects and minor repairs started two days after I moved in. Can you visualize mess with a capital M? It’s been an adventure living in the house while all this is going on!

Well, my prayer assignment hasn’t changed but it has broadened significantly. Many other people have been added to my usual, normal prayer list. Other situations; more specific needs.

“2019 is going to be an interesting year, I think” is how I ended that January 1st post. It has certainly been that.

Thinking about writing this post, two other words kept coming to mind: transit, and transition. Short explanations: transit is a journey; transition is the result of that journey.

My recent transit changed my physical address; the spiritual transition is ongoing. I’m really looking forward to seeing what else the Holy Spirit has in mind for 2019!