More of the same

17 August 2017
“What’s going on today, Lord?” I asked. Somewhere in the back of my conscious (finally awake) mind, I could hear How Great Is Our God, being sung. For a few moments I had just stretched and listened – and agreed with – those powerful words, then asked him that question.

“More of the same, accelerated and intensified,” he answered. Suddenly in my mind’s eye I saw fires again, popping up here and there across America.

I’ve seen and written about prophetic fires before: fires of revival. Small pockets of revival, spreading, enlarging and joining, until a conflagration of glorious Holy Spirit fire is burning coast to coast. Burning away dross, chaff, sin, decay, sickness and disease. Leaving wholeness and holiness, God’s creative life and that “more abundantly” in its wake. (John 10:10.)

These current images weren’t like that, though. These were destructive, toxic, evil. Then he reminded me – nothing that ever happens is a surprise to the Lord. He has a plan for believers to respond to every event, and he’s more than willing to tell us how to do that. Respond, not react. Be a thermostat, not a thermometer. How?! Ask him. Then listen!


Revival… happening now

The following paragraph was included in an email update I received today, reported by an evangelist who has been ministering in the UK:

There were nights where during our preaching, young people would come in off of the streets and walk to the front asking, ‘What must we do to be saved?’ With no altar call or invitation for people to accept Jesus, they were coming to the altar to be born again. The harvest was just that ripe!

2014 is a year of contrasts. Political chaos, record-setting weather events, economic disasters, tragedies of many kinds, horrible religious persecution — and spreading revival. That short paragraph above could describe what is happening in many nations right now. “Here, Lord!” is my prayer! “Here, in Florence, South Carolina, United States of America! Here.”

Real revival takes guts

This week I have been re-watching some Bay of the Holy Spirit revival videos. In this one from February 2011, Nathan Morris is at Christ for the Nations Institute in Dallas, Texas, preaching about revival and the fire of the Holy Spirit, praying for students and others.

As I watch, I realize that many American Christians are spiritual cowards (including some in my own church). They claim they want revival. But what they really want is a nice, tidy, respectable, pretty meeting. They don’t really want revival God’s way.

When God demonstrates his power, your preconceived ideas about revival will need revising. Watch this video and then answer the question — Want Revival? Bay of the Holy Spirit revival at Christ for the Nations, Dallas, TX


fireplaceThe other day I asked the Lord what he was doing across America in all these revivals – I had watched several services from different places that had been broadcast live or recorded on video.

These services are different in many ways but there is one distinctive similarity. They are all ministering the “fire of God” to people. This is not just the baptism of the Holy Spirit, this is the “and with fire” that John the Baptist spoke of.

The Lord answered, quite matter of factly.

“I’m making kindling.”

I instantly visualized a fireplace with a fire being built. Kindling is needed to get a good fire started. Here in my area we used to use what is called fat lighterd – pine wood full of resin, gathered and saved especially to start fires.

This wood is split into small lengths because it only takes a small amount. It burns fast and hot. Kindling will get the other wood hot enough to catch on fire and start burning also.

On top of the kindling will be larger lengths, small logs perhaps, that have been “seasoned.” That is, dried out over a period of months. This wood burns slow and long, making a good steady source of heat.

Going on with the conversation, I asked the Lord to explain.

He is using a number of evangelists today to spread the fire of God across the United States, indeed across the world.

Most of those the fire of God falls on become the kindling of God, because they burn so hot they will start the long-lasting fires that he desires for our nation and world.

Fires that will burn up the chaff, the dross, everything that is not God in our lives. Fires that burn out the sin. The strongholds. Fires that purify. That will mark the tangible, visible kingdom of God on earth.

The larger logs are those faithful people of God who have been praying for so long for God to move again in America. They have lain in the cold fireplace for a long time, but soon they will begin to burn again, and burn steady and long.

So, Lord, I asked, what starts the kindling to burning?

Firebrands, he said. Firebrands are like a “spark” that starts the fire. These are the longest burning of them all, torches that are so fuel-soaked they can carry fire from place to place without it going out.

Evangelists are firebrands. Some of those the fire of God falls on today will become evangelists, not just kindling but firebrands.

I was processing all that when the Lord went on to say, “Fire falls on the altar.”

Suddenly I saw the altar of God in the Tabernacle of Moses. Fire fell on the altar, but there had to be a sacrifice on the altar for the fire to fall on. That fire consumed the sacrifice. No flesh remained. No sin.

So it wasn’t a fireplace I had been seeing in my mind, I realized. It was the altar of God.

The door is closing

Saturday June 22, 2013

I asked God this morning – How long will this last, Lord? The revival that is going on around the world right now…

He showed me a huge door coming down slowly, like one of the locks of the Panama canal.

Not much longer, he said.

Revival is happening around the world in many nations, thousands are being healed, delivered, with creative miracles, signs and wonders demonstrating the power of God.

The blind see, the deaf hear, the paralyzed walk. On every continent, God is moving in power. Spiritually hungry multitudes are coming to Christ when they realize God is real, he is powerful, and he loves them.

And at the same time, people are dying by the thousands in disaster after disaster, chaos, destruction, war. Floods, fire, typhoons, earthquakes, new diseases. It’s growing very dark in the world.

I thought about the subdivision on the west coast where houses started sinking into the ground several months ago.

If that had happened when people were asleep, they could have been swallowed up without ever knowing they were in danger. If they weren’t believers, they would be eternally lost.

I went online and searched for death tolls just this year so far. It is incredible how many are dying in disasters. I finally quit recording the numbers.

So many don’t see the danger coming. Who is warning them?

Is the American church asleep? Sick, weak, tired, self-absorbed with their own problems? They come to church sick, they go out sick. They can’t seem to help themselves. How can they help anyone else?

They need to be hungry! Make them hungry, Lord!

The door of this revival is closing.