Warn: Urge: Encourage:

Last night as I was thinking and praying about the condition of our country, I wondered how long the Lord would be patient with the United States. I didn’t really ask it in the form of a question, but the Lord answered it anyway.

“I warn, but I don’t force. I urge, but I don’t force. I encourage, but I don’t force.” Then he left it to me to contemplate those few words.

At first I thought he meant his dealings with one person, in one situation. Maybe at first he warned, later he urged, still later he encouraged. In that order — or perhaps reverse order?

Or did he mean any believer, any situation? For example, when there was danger, he warned, like a mother warning a toddler not to touch a hot stove. When a believer needed to perform some task in a timely fashion, he urged — “Don’t hesitate, go now, do it now.”

Or when a believer needed decisiveness, boldness or strength to do something, he encouraged. “Yes, you can. You are able. I enable you.”

How does that relate to the state of our nation?

I think he means that we must recognize and respond to God’s warnings, urgings, and encouragements.

I believe we are being warned. He is saying, “If you don’t perform your assignment, your nation won’t survive.” Not as a Republic, certainly. So, continue to pray and ask him to do what only he can do.

But then, listen for instructions. Do what he tells us to do, what he says we can do, and do it now. Quit making excuses. Stop saying we’re too few, too inexperienced to make a difference. Stand up. Speak out.

He said he doesn’t force, but he does let seeds of sin and disobedience produce their inevitable harvest, unless there is timely intervention.