Class Notes 11 SUMMARY

Week 11 – Class Notes – Review of Weeks 1-10


1. What – definitions of Old and New Testament words

2. Differences – prayer is asking, intercession stops law of reaping and sowing

3. Why pray – God’s idea / way to accomplish his will on earth

4. Results – God’s will gets done, his kingdom is expanded, he gets the glory – “If a man could do it, a man could get the credit.”

5. How to determine God’s will – always agrees with his word; his voice always agrees with his word

6. While you wait – patience, confidence / steadfast faith is essential

7. Warfare – overcoming enemy tactics

8. Holy Spirit – our helper (in praying, etc.), John 14-17

9. Our authority – comes through Jesus’ faith, not ours

10. Hindrances – belief problems, doubt, words you speak

11. You yourself are in control of your heart / mouth

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