28 Aug 2013

The other night (Aug 25) God woke me up from sleep with a mini-vision. I saw a group of identical steel-colored vehicles, sort of tank-shaped but small. Gathered in a disordered bunch, some sat nose to nose, some side by side, some sideways to others.

“What is this army?” The Lord asked me.

Army? I said. These little cars? Army?

They are indeed my army, he said. The blood-washed army of the Lamb.

He showed me that each vehicle contained one soldier only. Clothed in steel, the Lord said. Armed with steel, double-edged swords. Fueled with my fire.

That was the end of the conversation, for then. I went right back to sleep, but the next morning I remembered and wrote it down.

Today I asked the Lord for more of an explanation. Who are these people, in these little tanks?

This is my army, my people who are filled with my fire, he said. When the devil sees one of those cars, he doesn’t see an ordinary human being – he sees the fire of God.

He sees the Creator of the Universe. He sees Jesus. He sees the shed blood of the Lamb of God. He sees the Presence of God, the glory of God! And he flees.

My fire is a Cleaner, he said. A Disinfectant. It removes germs, bacteria, viruses. It’s an Eradicator. It removes all stains of sin.

The fire of God is a Destroyer of evil and its works. It destroys sin and its contamination. Destroys corruption and its effects.

The fire of God is My Presence, the creative life of God. Where there is death, I create more life.  Heal every disease. Every disability. Deliver from every bondage. Break every stronghold.

As more people are filled with the fire of God, the enemy has less territory, he said. Fewer places to flee. He won’t always go without a fight, that’s why the soldiers need armor and swords. But flee he must, and flee he will.

That was the end of the conversation, but what a wonderful explanation! Today I am more excited than ever. God is growing his army, filling them with the fire of the Holy Spirit, filling them with his Presence. His glory!

And he is also increasing His presence in those who have been filled with that fire, using them as powerful warriors to defeat the enemy and spread his glory around the globe.

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