Praying these past few days and wondering to myself “What will 2021 be like?” I asked the Lord that question. Usually my question starts a conversation with him, sometimes short, sometimes long, but always more than just one word.

Not this time. I just keep hearing that one word. Shock.

I feel 2021 will be a year like no other. Many people have said goodbye to 2020 with relief, as if somehow turning the page on the calendar will erase all the trauma of this past year. I don’t feel relief, however, I feel wariness. Watchfulness. Spiritual senses on full alert.

I have no idea if this word is a personal message for me alone, for my family, my friends, my prayer partners, for America or the whole world. The Lord isn’t telling me, yet. I simply get an impression, “Wait and see. Keep praying.” And so I have been.

Maybe in the days ahead I’ll hear more of an explanation from him, or maybe events will make it clear. We’ll see.

In the meantime, Joy with a capital J, thankfulness, praise, supernatural peace that passes understanding, healing, health and wholeness, all are ours in the Lord and well worth thinking about.

4 thoughts on “2021

  1. Hi Bette, interesting, I don’t usually ask questions although I do ask for understanding and wisdom in different areas and sometimes God puts things together for me. I did, just now, ask the Lord if He would give me a word now and this is what instantly came into my mind:
    Thy word is a lamp unto my feet . . . I looked it up, it comes from Psalm 119:105, which really registers with me because I am constantly asking Him to order my steps. I do have a gut feeling about the word you received, in that it definitely is on the horizon. When I say “gut feeling” I mean an inner awareness and I don’t think I am alone. Keep us posted if you would. Blessings!


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