Why bother

“… having the author comment on what I’m reading is like having Shakespeare by my side to explain his plays, only much, much better!”

Esther's Petition

I don’t read the Bible like I should. I mean, not every day, not in an organized manner, and not as long as I should when I do read it. I was admitting this to the Lord while driving this morning and asked him a couple of questions.

First, why don’t you make me want to read the Bible more than I do? And second, why should I read it more, anyway?

I was a little surprised that he answered me right away, although he does that often enough that I shouldn’t have been surprised. Here’s how the conversation went.

“Think about language. Like English, your own native language. What is it?”

Hmmm. Okay, what is it?

“It’s a container by which information in one mind is transferred to another mind.”

Okay, I get that.

“By reading scripture, information in God’s mind is transferred to a human mind.”

Okay, I…

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