Miracles in my life

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Testimony, part four

Miracles in my life

(1) For a time in the early 1970’s my children and I attended Parkwood Presbyterian Church on the Pamplico Highway. The church had an Easter Sunrise Service one year and the weather was beautiful. Several dozen church members assembled outside on the church grounds as the sun came up, and suddenly Jesus stood there facing us, smiling, his arms outstretched. His figure was much taller than any of the people there and translucent, not quite transparent.

After a few minutes the figure faded away and he was gone. After the brief sunrise service we went inside for breakfast before the regular Sunday School classes and Worship service. At first I thought I was the only person who had seen the figure of Jesus, but later several people cautiously asked around, “Did you see anything – unusual – during the sunrise service?” and we…

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1 thought on “Miracles in my life

  1. I’m glad to see believers giving testimony about the supernatural interventions from the Lord. It needs to align with his Word but we are hasty to dismiss the supernatural because it wasn’t in the Sunday bulletin. The gospels, indeed the whole Bible is the most supernatural ever written because this is who God is. He never stopped being supernatural. It’s perhaps our lack of faith that gets in the way. Now having said that, Jesus always maintained a very tight coupling of the miracles and the message of salvation. As should we.


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