Why bother (to get involved)

Why should Christians get involved in issues or politics?

The initial purpose for the title and content of the printed Esther’s Petition newsletter (published in the 1970’s) was to encourage Christians to get involved in the issues of the day, using Esther of the Bible as my role model. I can’t find a copy of that original newsletter at the moment, but the principles are contained in the following Sunday School class notes which I taught back in 2005.

A. Why Bother? (“No need to polish the brass on the Titanic” attitude)

1. God gave His people dominion and responsibility over the whole earth

Gen. 1:26-28 – subdue and have dominion

2. He set us to be watchmen and warners, i.e. made us “our brother’s keeper”

Ezek. 33:1-9 (also 3:17, 62:6-7) –  if we don’t, their blood is on our hands and He will hold us responsible

3. Jesus told us we were salt and light – only things that might decay need salt, only things in darkness need light

Matt. 5:13-14

B.   Who? (Surely not every Christian…?)

1. ALL of us. We are called to be either an Ezra (intercessor) or a Nehemiah (activist) – i.e., primarily a pray-er, or primarily an activist (all prayed)

See Book of Nehemiah, rebuilding the wall in Jerusalem

Neh. 4:16 –  half of them held weapons and stood guard while the other half worked on the wall

2. Some workers were in charge of the whole project, some in charge of a large area, some in charge of a small area

Neh. 4:14-17 –  everyone worked, with a sword in one hand and a tool in the other

3. Regardless of their level of involvement, ALL were informed of the problem, the opposition, and God’s solution

Neh. 2:17 –  after Nehemiah had seen for himself the problem and knew what had to be done, he informed the people and called them to work, and they responded

Neh. 4:6 –  the people had a mind to work, and through various ups and downs, eventually the wall was finished (also see Gal. 6:9, don’t be weary in welldoing)

C.  How?

1. First things first –  pray for government leaders on every level, local to national

I Tim. 2:1

2. Be informed and inform your children of the Godly heritage of our country.  Public schools certainly won’t! (don’t be ignorant of the devil’s devices; God doesn’t admire ignorance)

3. Become and stay informed of the issues facing America, politicians’ stands on those issues, and keep your friends and family informed.  Many Christian organizations exist to help with this, plus many Christian and non-Christian news agencies.

4. Support these organizations with your money and your time –  seek God for your specific areas of involvement

5. Run for office yourself, or help select good, qualified candidates (God will tell you which ones)

My personal calling as a Christian political grassroots activist / consultant –  Inform, inspire, instruct – inform people, inspire some to run for office, instruct them on how

6. Support the godly candidates –  before elections with prayer, money and/or volunteer work –  and continue to pray for them after they are in office

7. STAND UP, SPEAK UP, SHOW UP AND VOTE. In person or by phone calls, letters, emails, etc. to legislators, newspapers, and voting in every possible election, local to national, school board to President

Abraham Lincoln said, “The truth announced in the Holy Scriptures, and proven by all history is that Those nations only are blessed whose God is the Lord.” (Quoting from Ps. 33:12; Proclamation Appointing a National Fast Day, March 30, 1863)

(Original article publication date July 24, 2005)